Why photo-essays?

Compare the collection of photos above with the strip-gallery below (click on any image to view in lightbox), although they are exactly the same images, presented properly with some text in the form of a photo-essay they suddenly have far more context, the viewer feels a greater involvement, is drawn in and taken on an emotional journey as the story unfolds.

Photo-essays are a great tool for developing your photography skills, it’s all too easy to wander around taking pictures of random objects and situations, the only thing connecting them that they were all taken within a couple of hours of each other, but what if you want more?

The photo-essay makes you think more about the subject you are trying to capture, and rather than existing in a vacuum as with a single snap, you can now tell a better story, develop an idea, give your photography more depth, make it relevant.


foto (light) + prose (written or spoken language without metrical structure) is dedicated to promoting the photo-essay as a device for  developing the creative skills necessary for becoming a better photographer.

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Example Photo-Essays