Drachenberg – Star Gazing

Saturday 16/09/2016.

13:00 – At home – WhatsApp

Aseem: Hi! I am still mulling over an idea. Let me know what you think about it. Ever since I have been to Drachenberg, I have this craving to get back to the place and try star trails and iss trails around the Teufelsberg towers. In the coming autumn nights a time around 2200 – 0300 should be a good time
Andrew: Hi, i assume that the camera would have to used with the bulb setting on the shutter, would I be right?
Aseem: Yes. Indeed.
Andrew: And I’m not sure what “iss” trails are, but they sound very exciting !
Aseem: The international space station.. When they have an “iss-pass” you can take a distinct trail. You might want to checkout clearoutside.com/forecast. I was thinking to scout the area at night once. I would be happy to do that even today. Like around 2200-midnight
Andrew: Ok, if you like we could do it together
Aseem: Tonight is a good for me.
Andrew: Good for me too
Aseem: A couple of hours of scouting the area and some trial shots.
Andrew: We could meet at S-Bahn Heer Straße
Aseem: Alright. Time?
Andrew: Yes, good idea, what time suits you? it’s your idea, so I’ll fit myself to your plans, it seems only right !
Aseem: Sunset is at 19 something. Twilight till 2130. I’d be there at 2100, keeping 15 min or so for the shortcut hike, so as to taste the twilight too.
Aseem: 2100 at the station then.
Andrew: Perfect

20:00 – Later that evening

Aseem: So we meet at 2100 at Heerstraße?
Andrew: Yes, or have you had a change of heart?B because I’m just going out the front door now
Aseem: I’ll be there then, just looking at the route from my place.
Andrew: Ok, I’m on my way !!
Aseem: Great.. See you then !

21:30 – At the Drachenberg

00:30 – At home

That was good fun !!

© Andrew James Kirkwood – 2017